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Number Citation Analysis of Tao Hu's Published Articles
Xu Z, Jiang H, Zhu Y, Wang H, Jiang J, Chen L, Xu W, Hu T, Cho CH. Cryptotanshinone induces ROS-dependent autophagy in multidrug-resistant colon cancer cells. Chem Biol Interact 2017;273:48-55. [DOI: 10.1016/j.cbi.2017.06.003] [Citation(s) in RCA: 32] [Impact Index Per Article: 4.6] [Reference Citation Analysis] [Track Full Text] [Journal Information] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 02/24/2017] [Revised: 05/18/2017] [Accepted: 06/05/2017] [Indexed: 02/07/2023] [Imported: 08/29/2023]
Hu T, Li Z, Gao CY, Cho CH. Mechanisms of drug resistance in colon cancer and its therapeutic strategies. World J Gastroenterol 2016;22:6876-6889. [PMID: 27570424 PMCID: PMC4974586 DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i30.6876] [Citation(s) in RCA: 237] [Impact Index Per Article: 29.6] [Reference Citation Analysis] [Abstract] [Key Words] [MESH Headings] [Track Full Text] [Download PDF] [Journal Information] [Submit a Manuscript] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 03/15/2016] [Revised: 05/24/2016] [Accepted: 06/13/2016] [Indexed: 02/06/2023] [Imported: 08/29/2023]  Open
Hu T, Li LF, Shen J, Zhang L, Cho CH. Chronic inflammation and colorectal cancer: the role of vascular endothelial growth factor. Curr Pharm Des 2016;21:2960-7. [PMID: 26004415 DOI: 10.2174/1381612821666150514104244] [Citation(s) in RCA: 34] [Impact Index Per Article: 4.3] [Reference Citation Analysis] [Abstract] [Journal Information] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 03/13/2015] [Accepted: 05/12/2015] [Indexed: 11/22/2022] [Imported: 08/29/2023]
Hu T, Wang L, Zhang L, Lu L, Shen J, Chan RLY, Li M, Wu WKK, To KKW, Cho CH. Sensitivity of apoptosis-resistant colon cancer cells to tanshinones is mediated by autophagic cell death and p53-independent cytotoxicity. PHYTOMEDICINE : INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYTOTHERAPY AND PHYTOPHARMACOLOGY 2015;22:536-544. [PMID: 25981919 DOI: 10.1016/j.phymed.2015.03.010] [Citation(s) in RCA: 62] [Impact Index Per Article: 6.9] [Reference Citation Analysis] [Abstract] [Key Words] [MESH Headings] [Track Full Text] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 01/20/2015] [Revised: 03/19/2015] [Accepted: 03/21/2015] [Indexed: 06/04/2023] [Imported: 08/29/2023]
Hu T, Zhou X, Wang L, Or PM, Yeung JH, Kwan YW, Cho CH. Effects of tanshinones from Salvia miltiorrhiza on CYP2C19 activity in human liver microsomes: Enzyme kinetic and molecular docking studies. Chem Biol Interact 2015;230:1-8. [DOI: 10.1016/j.cbi.2015.02.006] [Citation(s) in RCA: 15] [Impact Index Per Article: 1.7] [Reference Citation Analysis] [Track Full Text] [Journal Information] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 11/23/2014] [Revised: 01/20/2015] [Accepted: 02/06/2015] [Indexed: 10/24/2022] [Imported: 08/29/2023]
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