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Number Citation Analysis of Samia Ahmed Kamal's Published Articles
Ahmed Kamal S. Observations on rift valley fever virus and vaccines in Egypt. Virol J 2011;8:532. [PMID: 22152149 PMCID: PMC3264540 DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-8-532] [Citation(s) in RCA: 56] [Impact Index Per Article: 4.3] [Reference Citation Analysis] [What about the content of this article? (0)] [Affiliation(s)] [Abstract] [Track Full Text] [Download PDF] [Journal Information] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 04/19/2011] [Accepted: 12/12/2011] [Indexed: 12/01/2022] [Imported: 08/29/2023]  Open
Kamal SA. Pathological studies on postvaccinal reactions of Rift Valley fever in goats. Virol J 2009;6:94. [PMID: 19580675 PMCID: PMC2715389 DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-6-94] [Citation(s) in RCA: 48] [Impact Index Per Article: 3.2] [Reference Citation Analysis] [What about the content of this article? (0)] [Affiliation(s)] [Abstract] [MESH Headings] [Track Full Text] [Download PDF] [Figures] [Journal Information] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 04/23/2009] [Accepted: 07/06/2009] [Indexed: 11/10/2022] [Imported: 08/29/2023]  Open
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